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Datscha-Video (You will need Flash 8)

( was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in April 2001 and has since then been regularly organising parties, festivals, film shows and concerts with emphasis on "Eastern Europe". Within the shortest period of time Datscha-Projekt has become a firm institution in Hamburg's cultural life. Meanwhile it belongs to countrywide most important supporters of recent Russian and Eastern European music, party, and film culture.

Datscha-Projekt became famous primarily due to its so-called Datscha-Parties, which still represent its main product.

To a Datscha-Party belong:

The best of Eastern European dance music- from Ska and Polka to Etno-Punk and Easy Listening- presented by the Datscha- DJs Andrej Lido and Rodion Levin.

Video projections:  The videos (depending upon the topic of the evening) are based on the Soviet film aesthetics of the 20s, 30s, 60s or 70s and numerous amateur films from different decades. On each party they are projected live by our VJs on the canvases and/or on the walls.

Slide projections: a selection of more than 3000 pictures from private archives of former Soviet citizen.

Russian bar: a varied assortment of Russian and Eastern European drinks of different intensity.
Original posters and flyers, a graphical periphrasis of the respective evening's topic, are crucially responsible for Datscha's visual image.

To a genuine Datscha party also belongs a live concert. The bands to the largest part come from the Russian music capital St. Petersburg, to whose music scene Datscha-Projekt maintains outstanding contacts. The following bands have already played at our parties:  Auktyon, Leningrad, Markscheider Kunst, Dva Samoleta, Volkov-Trio, Babsley, La Minor, Billy's Band, Iva Nova, Tequilajazzz, Horonko-Orchestra, Kolibri, Dobranoch, Messer für Frau Müller, NOM (all from St. Petersburg), as well as Pakava It' (Moscow),  5Nizza (Kharkov), Haydamaky (Kiev), Yat-Kha (Tuva), Les Hurlements d'Leo (Bordeaux), Canki Show (Brno), Traband (Prague), Babylon Circus (Lyon), Wawadadakwa (Antwerpen), Di Grine Kusine (Berlin), Boom Pam (Israel), Balkan Beat Box (USA), Amsterdam Klezmer Band (Holland).

A further activity field of Datscha-Projekt is film. In Hamburg's local cinema Metropolis Datscha's "cinematic arm" - the Russian cinema club ( - each month presents several films from 100 years of Russian film history and regularly organizes topical cineastic events ("Back in the USSR", "Black Humour from the East", "Made in St. Petersburg" etc).

Despite its relatively young age Datscha-Projekt has already assigned the organization of different festival supporting programs and/or joined in as a participant.


June 2002 - Artgenda (Biennale of young artists from the Baltic countries, Hamburg)

August 2002 - Tipsy- Festival, Berlin

December  2002 - "Après-Ski" performance serial  (Schauspielhaus theatre, Hamburg)

June 2003 - Northic Nights (State theatre, Lübeck)

2003-2006 - Fusion Festival, Lärz - a 3-day party program and booking of Eastern European musicians at the biggest alternative music festival in Germany

September 2003 - Organization of supporting program at Russian film festival in Stuttgart.

March 2004 - Festival "Go create resistance"
(Schauspielhaus theatre, Hamburg)

June 2004 - Autorentheatertage (Thalia theatre,
June 2004 - Festival Theaterformen (Hannover,

2005-2006 - Festival Pura Vida (Allgäu)

June 2006 - Festival Distortion (Kopenhagen)

Numerous performances in Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zürich, Nürnberg, Munich.

Forthcoming: Lille, Amsterdam.  

However, the most important achievement of Datscha-Projekt up to now is undoubtedly the organization and execution of Alternativa St. Petersburg ( )- Festival of alternative music, film and theatre celebrating the city's 300th anniversary" (June 2003, Hamburg). 
Participants: more than 60 artists from St. Petersburg; 
locations: Fabrik, Metropolis, Schauspielhaus, Thalia Theater, Hafenklang; 
3500 visitors.


Ska-Jazz orchestra
Russen-Brass und Balkan-Rumba aus Moskau
absurdistischer Elektro-Punk-Kitsch
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