Russian Brass and Balkan Rumba from Moscow

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OgneOpasno (inflammable) Orchestra (OOO) is one of the brightest, the most cheerful and unpredictable phenomenon of Moscow musical life. It is the group which doesnt find room on every club stage, but for sure blows any dance floor. Balkan and Jewish melodies, Cuban, Jamaican and Ukrainian rhythms, funk, ska, rumba and klezmers although the music of the OgneOpasno Orchestra might seem eclectic, it creates a very integral impression. It is impossible not to yield to it, but to describe it is rather difficult. One may only try to do it: OgneOpasno Orchestra means dancing till one drops when all body hurts next day; klatches up to the stop with a hangover next morning; love until death with an illegible phone number on a crumpled napkin next day

Art director and the spokesperson of the group is Karl Hlamkin, a famous roarer from Riga who moved to Moscow four years ago, a talented artist and master of drum kit who used to be a raving alcoholic, but nowadays is none the less raving teetotaler. He drinks kefir, smokes a pipe, collects exotic drums, acts in television series, does gardening and with his wife Liga brings up his six-year-old son Kim. He has released two albums in Moscow on the label Sha-2 and several bootlegs in Riga. Other members of the group are: Oleg Mariakhin (saxophones), Boris Dolmatov (guitars), Mikhail Popov (accordion), Andrey Romanika (drums), Robert Musin (bass guitar), Salman Abuev (trumpet), Artem Seriakov (trombone), Ramil Mulikov (baritone-sax, tuba). During the three years of its existence Hlamkins orchestra has taken part in the following events: the major Russian rock-festival Nashestviye, The Beatles tribute-festival, Jewish music festival, the ska music festival Askarbin and so on. The group has played in the Great Kremlin Palace, concertized in Saint-Petersburg, Izhevsk, Tomsk, Kiev, Minsk, Riga and other ex-soviet cities and has also recorded a soundtrack for the serial Young and happy (TV channel STS). At the moment the work over the OgneOpasno Orchestra new album is being finished. The album will be released by the creative circle Deti Solntsa (Children of the Sun) in spring, 2007.

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Information in Russian

TOUR 2012

11.05     Giessen, AK44

12.05     Köln, Stadtgarten

15.05     Frankfurt, das Bett

16.05     Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

17.05     Altenkirchen,  Foyer der Kreissparkasse Altenkirchen

18.05     Nürnberg, Desi

19.05     München, Piroschki-Party

20.05     Litvinov (Czech Republic), Ponorka  Music Club

23.05    Halle, Vereinte Linke

24.05.   Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer/studio 108

25.05    Greifswald, IKUWO

26.05    Berlin, Hangar 49

27.05    Potsdam, Fabrik

28.05    Neu Tramm, Raum 2

30.05    Krefeld, Kulturrampe

01.06    Husum, Speicher

02.06    Hamburg, Übel&Gefährlich

05.06    Erfurt, Stadtgarten

06.06    Augsburg, Annahof (Open-Air)       

07.06    Freiburg

08.06    Baden (Swiss), Royal

09.06    Dornstadt, Woodstock Festival

TOUR 2010

07.05.10    Berlin

08.05.10    Bruges (B)  AirBag Festival

09.05.10    Lille (F)    Resto Soleil

11.05.10    Bruges (B)  Cultural Center of the Airbag Festival                  

12.05.10    Wiesbaden Schlachthof        

14.05.10    Potsdam Fabrik

15.05.10    Gießen  AK44

16.05.10    Halle Vereinte Linke

17.05.10    Marburg Cafe Trauma im G-Werk

18.05.10    Krefeld Kulturrampe 

22.05.10    Frankfurt das Bett

23.05.10    Köln Stadtgarten

24.05.10    Neu Tramm Raum 2  

26.05.10    Erfurt Stadtgarten 

27.05.10    Freiburg Josfritzcafe

28.05.10    Augsburg Kradhalle/Kupa West

29.05.10    München Piroschki-Party, Feierwerk

30.05.10 München Glockenbachwerkstatt (Balkan Lounge)                   

01.06.10    Chemnitz Subway

02.06.10    Jena Stadtfest, Holzmarkt

03.06.10    Berlin SO36

04.06.10    Hamburg Uebel & Gefährlich

05.06.10    Bremerhaven Pferdestall


06. August 2010 ESPERANZAH FESTIVAL Namur, Belgien





Tour 2009

30.04 Berlin   Stella

01.05 Giessen   A44

02.05 Mülheim an der Ruhr   Ringlokschuppen 

04.05 Leipzig   NaTO 

06.05 Chemnitz Subway  

08.05 Frankfurt/Main das Bett 

09.05 Köln   Stadtgarten

13.05 Potsdam Fabrik

14.05 Hildesheim Theaterfestival

15.05 Annaberg-Buchholz   Alte Brauerei

16.05 München   Feierwerk, Piroschki-Party               

18.05 Reutlingen   Nepomuk        

20.05 Augsburg   Abraxas

21.05 Wiesbaden   Schlachthof

22.05 Hamburg   Ü&G

23.05 Lübeck   Treibsand

29.05.Tournai (Belgium)   Le Phare         

30.05 Leuven (Belgium)    Festival: 'Wereldfeest'

31.05 Lille (France)    Festival: Festival d'Accordéon de Wazemmes

01.06 Kortrijk (Belgium)    Festival: Sinksenfeesten

08. August 2009 - DRANOUTER FESTIVAL (B)

Tour 2008

07. Mai Freiburg (D) Cafe Susi
08. Mai Biel (CH) Étage / St.Gervais
09. Mai Innsbruck (A) Treibhaus
10. Mai Visp (CH) Powermesse
11. Mai Wien (A) Ostklub
14. Mai Augsburg (D) Jugendzentrum Fabrik
15. Mai Erlangen (D) E-Werk
16. Mai Dresden (D) Puschkin
17. Mai Halle (D) Objekt 5
18. Mai Potsdam (D) Fabrik
21. Mai München (D) Amper
22. Mai Frankfurt (D)
23. Mai Köln (D) Stadtgarten
24. Mai Giessen (D) AK44
25. Mai Leeuwarden (NL) Prinsentuin
26. Mai Groningen (NL) ORKZbar
27. Mai Greifswald (D) IKUWO
28. Mai Rostock (D) Stubnitz
30. Mai Hamburg (D) Knust
31. Mai Annaberg-Buchholz (D) Alte Brauerei
03. Juni Berlin (D) Hebbel am Ufer Theater
27. Juni Lärz (D) Fusion Festival
28. Juni Potsdam (D)  Alexandrovka 2008 


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