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Georgy Danelia
Price: 16,95

USSR 1977

Friends call Valiko Mizandari "Mimino", which means "falcon" in Georgian. Working as a helicopter pilot in his own village, Mimino delivers mail, fruit, sheep. But his greatest dream is to fly real, big aircraft. Finally his dream comes true. He is invited to work in the big international air company "Aeroflot", and he leaves for Moscow. Mimino meets all kinds of people in the capital, among them a driver working on inter-city freight runs, Khachian, who becomes his friend. In Moscow, Mimino also meets an old-time offender of his sister. Always amicable and open to people, Mimino does not feel at home in the big city. Nevertheless, he becomes a pilot of a supersonic jet liner, flying all over the world. But feeling homesick, he finally comes back to Georgia, to his family and friends.
A humorous film about the love for oneТs own "small home county" and the "lightness of being", which could have been shot only in Georgia.

Awards: Gold Prize at the Moscow IFF, 1977; Golden Lacheno Prize at the Avellino IFF, 1978

Cast: Vakhtang Kikabidze, Frunze Mkrtchian, Yelena Proklova, Yevgheny Leonov, Kote Daushvili, Ruslan Mikaberidze, Zakro Sakhvadze, Marina Kukushkina-Dyuzheva, Savely Kramarov, Ippolit Khvichia, Valentina Titova

Sound: Russian, Englisch, French
Subtitles: Englisch, Russian, French, German, Spanish
Running time: 97 min.
Regionalcode: All
Special features: Interview with the director of photography A.Petricky; filmography; photo album

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