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Autumn Marathon
Georgy Danelia
Price: 16,95

USSR 1979

The main character of this tragicomedy, Bouzykine, has a gift for attracting people. He is always ready to offer his helping hand and cannot refuse anyone. A kind and gentle person, Bouzykine never thinks about himself, thus getting in all kinds of complicated situations. Making a choice, showing a preference for something or somebody at the expense of others is always a problem for him. This goes for his private life, too. Unwilling to cause pain to his mistress, he unintentionally hurts his wife, unable to make a final decision till the last moment. However, he tries to change the habitual course of events, and almost succeeds.

Big Golden Shell at the San Sebastian IFF, 1979; Prize for Best Actor (Yevgheny Leonov) and Jury Prize FIPRESCI at the Venice IFF, 1979; Grand-Prix at the Shamruss IFF of Comedies, 1980